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Vietjet opens new routes to celebrate a brilliant summer season

2021-03-29 17:34


A flight attendant serves food to passengers on board a Vietjet aircraft. — Photo courtesy of Vietjet

HCM CITY Vietjet announced on Monday the launch of several new flight routes from Đà Nẵng, Thanh Hóa, Nha Trang, Đà Lạt and Vinh to Phú Quốc in order to celebrate a brilliant summer season and meet the travel needs of passengers on the occasion of April 30 and May 1. 

Routes connecting Vinh and Phú Quốc started operating from Sunday, routes from Đà Nẵng and Thanh Hóa to Phú Quốc will be available from April 2. Meanwhile, Nha Trang-Phú Quốc and Đà Lạt-Phú Quốc routes will operate daily from April 29.

The flight frequency of current routes from Hà Nội, HCM City, Hải Phòng to Phú Quốc and other domestic routes have also been increased, Vietjet said.

The airline suggested passengers fully comply with the mandatory health declaration via https://tokhaiyte.vn, save and show the information upon checking in at airports as well as wearing face masks during their flights. — VNS

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